Revit Dynamo — 3D GridLines For Coordination

Pic. 1. Left — Navisworks view, Right — Revit 3D view.
Pic. 2. 3D GridLine Properties. “Grid” and “Level” — these are the parameters that we are going to change using Dynamo
Pic. 3. The full definition
Video 1. Demo

Side note: this script does not work with Revit grids from a linked file, the grids have to be local.

Pic. 4. Prep your Revit project before scripting in Dynamo
Pic. 5. This is how we select the items we need.
Pic. 6. Retrieve Revit grid coordinates
Pic. 7. Retrieve 3D gridline coordinates and compare it with Revit grids
Pic. 8. Rename 3D gridline
Pic. 9. Level match
Pic. 10. This is what it should look like so far
Pic. 11. Creating a custom node.
Pic. 12. Adding an Input node to the custom node.
Pic. 13. Final view



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